Lead Sheet Station


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What You Get With Lead Sheet Station 

  • Accurate, professional-quality sheet music that is easy to read and play
  • Fast service – 7 business days guaranteed or your money back
  • The ability to quickly and easily upload your songs and lyrics directly to our site (you must own the copyright or have permission from the copyright holder)
  • Government-class encryption which ensures that your unregistered songs are safe
  • Up-front pricing: know what you will pay before you send your music
  • Secure payment with Google Checkout

Our Service May Be Right For You If:

  • You are a songwriter who wants others to be able to perform your music, or if you need to submit your work for copyright or to a publisher/record label.
  • You are a church music director looking for sheet music to a non-published or out-of-print song.
  • You own a recording for which there is no printed music available and you would like to have it in written form (with permission from the copyright owner).


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